8 Main Types Of Rooms in A Standard Hotel

Want to find out the different types of rooms in a hotel? So count yourselves among the fortunate ones.

This article aims to break down the different kinds of rooms in a hotel room. This will help you achieve a comfortable, pleasant, and enjoyable hotel room on your next business trip or vacation.

Hotel Room Types

Over time, there was a simultaneous transition in the worldwide commercial accommodation. Hotels now offer a variety of specialty products and services to create a unique place for themselves.

The goal is to provide a broad range of personal preferences for the needs of visitors.  What’s more, they also provide these visitors with a tip on their profile and what to expect from them.

Thus, whether a client is looking at a large band, boutique, five-star, or other accommodation styles, there are a plethora of different kinds of rooms from which a guest can choose.

While some of these room types might have fewer luxury features, other classes are a match made in heaven.

Classes of Hotel Rooms

How a hotel is divided into several classes, so are the rooms classified to provide a unique comfort to the guests.

In line with this, many hotels classify their rooms according to some genes such as size, type of bed, several accessories, kind of decoration and layout, and lastly the number of occupants.

These are the criteria used to determine the specialty of a hotel room. Check them below.

  • Single Room

A single room is very common in most hotels, due to its simplicity and small size, which is usually about 37 to 45 square meters. However, it has everything to make a guest’s stay an unforgettable one.

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Some of the facilities you can find in a single room include a 3 by 6 feet bed, free Wi-Fi, an attached bathroom with a running shower, a small work desk, and a colored television.

  • Double Room

As the name indicates, it is designed for two people. The double rooms are somewhat larger than the individual rooms. The size of the room is typically around 40-45 square meters.

Moreover, there are two kinds of a double room, we have the queen-double room with queen size double bed and also a king double room.

Some of the facilities stocked in this kind of hotel room is dressed table, tv, a small work desk, medium size fridge, attached bathrooms with a shower, and then a functioning internet connection.

  • Triple Room

This type of hotel room is also designed for three guests at a time. The room is larger than a single and double room, with a size of between 45 and 65 square meters.

Triple rooms can either have a double bed along with a twin bed, a single bed and a twin bed, two or three attached bathrooms with showers, and likewise two or three work desks.

There are other amenities in a triple room, but this depends on the brand of the hotel. Among them are medium-sized fridges, free internet access, TV, and so on.

The triple rooms are suitable for guests attending meetings or conferences.

  • Quad Rooms

A quadruple room is designed to accommodate four persons in one space.

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As such, the bedroom size is approximately 70 to 85 square meters and primarily contains queen-size beds, two or more bathrooms with showers, three or more small work desks, a television, and other facilities to make the stay convenient.

Visiting families will find this kind of accommodation suitable.

  • Hollywood Twin Room

It is a double bedroom with double beds and two other single beds. These single beds can be linked by a common headboard to form double beds where necessary.

Couples with children will find this type of hotel room appropriate because beds will prevent young children from falling into danger.

  • Cabana Room

Cabana room is mostly found in hotels that are located in areas surrounded by water.

The room is designed to face the water body, a beach, or a swimming pool.  Cabana rooms are predominantly designed as a cloakroom, not as a bedroom.

As a result, there is a probability of finding a bed or not.

  • Studio Rooms

A studio room is a living room that is fully furnished with luxury facilities such as a studio bed, coffee table, chairs, a kitchen, and a dining room that are combined into one big space.

Most of the studio’s bedrooms are designed with an L-shape to create a cabin that can function as a sleeping space.

  • Suite

A hotel suite may be one or several lounges with a well-defined night space. These units have a top-notch decor that aims to provide the guest with exceptional luxury.

A hotel has several types of suites. We have the junior suite, standard suite, penthouse suites, honeymoon suites, and a wedding suite. We should take a look at a few of them.

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A junior suite is designed to accommodate a cot and seating area. The size of these apartments is approximately 60 to 80 square meters and the bedroom area takes the biggest place.

Most junior suites lack a separate dining area. However, your luxury is guaranteed.

Standard Suite is an advanced offer than a junior suite because it has a larger size bedroom and bathroom. The room size is approximately 70 to 100 square meters and they usually include a separate lounge.

A penthouse is an apartment that is located on the top floor of hotels and other luxury buildings to offer an aerial view of the city. Some of the reasons behind the design of these suites are to ensure clients’ privacy and security.

Before you can enter a penthouse, you need to have an access card to access the lift.

Presidential Suite is the best of all sorts of suites and barely can you find a hotel with multiple presidential suites. This type of suite is very expensive because it is furnished with luxury facilities that will give you a short stay in paradise.

Most people who go to the presidential suites are politicians and wealthy business individuals.

There are several types of hotel rooms besides those we have listed above.

Some of them are lanai rooms, duplex rooms, deluxe rooms, double-double rooms, common rooms, villas, ground rooms, accessible rooms, adjoining rooms, and so on.

We have finished our task for today by providing you with various types of hotel rooms around the world. Your remaining task is to sort the type of room you want and can afford, as prices vary accordingly.

We hope you found your trip throughout this post interesting.