13 Finest Places in Lagos You Should Visit

Here are the finest places to visit in Lagos.

Knowing Lagos to be a megacity, there is no doubt its sense of aesthetics. A top-notch, and a must-see for both foreigners and nationals.

Most Beautiful Locations In Lagos To Explore

From the beautiful Yoruba palaces and thatch roofs for the lovers of culture and traditional places to the top-notch five-star hotels, malls, and chilling malls.

You will want to know where to visit on your next visit to Lagos, a first-timer, or even a tourist. There are lots of jaws dropping places to see in Lagos from the natural atmosphere to the digital and continental feeling of beauty.

Here is a list of some of the finest places in Lagos:

  1.  Ikeja Shopping Mall

This is the busiest relaxation spot to visit for a chill out in Lagos, you may want to ask why?

Well, it’s because it is both a shopping mall, cinema, hair salon and of course varieties of restaurants for you to shop, look beautiful, watch a movie and eat varieties of cuisines.

This mall is located at Alausa and is considered to be one of the fun places to be and due to how colorful it is, no doubt it has to be one of the finest places in Lagos.

  1. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

Though a private beach resort, this has to be the beauty to meet the eye.

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La Campagne Tropicana beach resort is located at Ikegun Ibeju, Lekki. It has an amazing lineup of African designs, an iconic view laying at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

With fine chalets and lodges for guests and hangout spots.

  1. Nike Art Gallery

For painting, drawings, adire, and art at its peak, you should stop by the Nike art gallery owned by Nike Davies Okundaye a story of humble beginnings and no university degree is the inspiration of the Nike gallery. Nike’s lectures at the Harvard University increased the popularity of this gallery. You know art is beauty itself, now imagine a home of art, it sure has to be one of the finest places to visit in Lagos.

  1. The new Afrika shrine

This is the host location of the felabration music festival in honor of the music legend; Fela anikulapo kuti, the shrine is located at Ikeja.  This place shows pictures of Fela beautifully decorated on its walls, a shrine where music is a genre of its own gets amazing performances from different musical artistes’ including seun and Femi Kuti.

  1. National Museum:

Located in the city of Lagos, the national museum boasts of prominent Nigerian art pieces, paintings, archeological and ethnographic exhibits. If you want to learn Nigerian history and its beauty the museum is the finest and best place to visit. Founded by Kenneth Murray in 1957, the museum remains the pride of Nigerian history.

  1. Banana Island
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It is renowned for its exceptional designs and architectural creative composition in its structures. It is an artificial island off the shore of Ikoyi, Lagos the island is home to most of Nigeria’s creme de la crème. This island is sure the Nigerian Beverly hills.

  1. Kalakuta Museum

Turned into a museum after the attack by military officials on February 18, 1977. Kalakuta museum is the one-time home of the music legend Fela anikulapo kuti.  He lived with his band and family members here.

The museum is now home to people who want to have an insight into the world of Fela.

  1. Lekki conversation centre 

This park is the most beautiful place in Lagos, though the quietest park, it is an intact jungle with lots of animals. This park is home to the longest canopy walk in Africa of about 400 meters. It is a place for both sightseeing and holidays.

  1. Tarkwa Bay

Kilometers offshore away from Lagos island. This is one of the best resorts in Lagos, with amazing views of the popular spots in Lagos such as the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lagos yacht club and the open ocean meets the face while cruising on a boat. Tarkwa Bay is only accessible by boat with a 15 minutes ride.  This small island is located along the Atlantic coast and has been in existence since the 1960s. If you want a natural breathtaking beauty tour then you should visit the bay off-peak season, because it will be less crowded.

  1. Kayark Tours
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This coast is west of Lagos, with weird chimney stack rock formations. Between forays, kayakers have the chance to soak up the sun on a deserted beach gives a mind-blowing exploration of tourist attraction. The best way to visit this coast is by joining a guided kayark trip excursion.

  1. Church of St Anthony

One of the most inspiring cultural combinations is the church of St Anthony and the municipal museum. Visitors first enter the museum where beautiful artifacts, altarpieces, and a collection of priestly vestments one dating to as old as 1578 are displayed, an hour or more is used to digest the beautiful exhibition through each gallery before making an entrance into the 18th-century church.

  1. The Slave Market

A chapter in the history of Lagos, this building dates back to169.  Abandoned for many years now hosts a gallery that exhibits the role Lagos played in the proliferation of the slave trade. This exhibition is often sobering though limited and the slave market building is classified as monuments of public interest. It houses the chains and cuffs used during the slave trade era.

  1. The Tafawa Balewa square

A 14.5-hectare ceremonial ground is located in the center of Lagos island, Lagos. It has a section for football and cricket ground. In 1960, this course was redeveloped to celebrate Nigeria’s independence. Popularly called TBS constructed in 1972. The entrance has gigantic sculptures of four white horses above the gate and seven red eagles. With a capacity of 50,000 peoples.

A visit either for a tour or holiday has Lagos up to the task, despite the hustle and bustle in this city, recreation and finesse has a home in this city.

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