Highbrow Areas In Lagos: 13 Most Expensive Places To Stay

Where is the most expensive area in Lagos? Here are the popular highbrow areas in Lagos State.

Knowing Lagos to be a commercial center.  It houses the cream de la cream. let’s call it the ‘good, the bad and the ugly center’.

Being one of Nigeria’s biggest cities, the development of Lagos into a mega city has seen a rise in the standard of living.

Most Expensive Highbrow Places In Lagos

Popularly known as Eko, Lagos is the one-time capital of Nigeria. In tune with its popularity, properties in Lagos are expensive. And the people in them even more influential.

Most Nigerian citizens and foreigners identify with this city. Properties in its outskirts that are considered out of town still cost a fortune.

You will want to know where to live and where to find what category of people. So let’s see where to find the highbrow people. They also stay in highbrow areas, the island, the mainland, and of course the highland.

Some of these areas include:

  • Eko Atlantic

Currently under construction on the regained acreage on the Atlantic Ocean, Eko Atlantic shares proximity with Victoria Island. Once completed, the city will rise as the next generation of sophisticated cities in Africa.

When it comes to fruition, the city will fulfill the yearnings of Nigerians and tourists for better money-making and housing necessities. The city’s state-of-the-art high-tech facilities will be second to none.

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But it will cost a fortune to rent or obtain property there. A per square meter of land is projected to go for $4,000 (N1,524,000).  Therefore, it will become one of the most luxurious accommodation projects in the horn of Africa.

  • Lekki

This name sure rings a bell if you are a fan of  Nigerian movies. Or you listen to songs and a reader of  African books. Well, the city has emerged into an abode for the big names, the celebrities, and the captain of the big industries in the country.

It is evolving into the Beverly Hills of Lagos city. The posh and trendy clubs of the city attract other residents to it.

  • Victoria Island

This section of Lagos is the most naturally decent part of Lagos. The city’s extension from Ikoyi overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. This makes it one of the classy places to live in Lagos.

Initially, the island was surrounded by water. But it has undergone a massive transformation. A bridge was built to connect Victoria Island and Lekki Peninsula.

And also the highway that connects Victoria Island and Epe. That is why lovers of nature have found heaven on this island.

  • Ikeja

Ikeja has been the home of the rich and famous in Lagos since the 1990s. This place has Allen Avenue, Opebi, Toyin street and has housed expensive shops, boutiques, and hot spots. The roads are smooth too.

We can find here large residential properties, accommodations as detached houses and duplexes. Ikeja is viewed as secure and the perfect abode for foreigners living in Lagos.

  • Banana Island

Banana Island is the place in prestige next to the Eko Atlantic. This vicinity is all posh. It is one of the most sought-after places in Lagos. To get a property here, be sure to be a multimillionaire.

  • Maryland

Though rarely mentioned, Maryland is a luxurious area in Lagos. It is adjacent to Lagos Island. This makes it catchy to the eyes of many rich Lagosians. You can go for it if you have the money.

  • Parkview estate

This estate in Ikoyi is synonymous with multimillion naira properties. Thus, it has become one of the most exclusive areas in Lagos. You must break the bank to own or rent a property here.

  • Ikeja GRA

This area has been the home of the rich and famous long before the developments of many parts of Lagos city. It is considered one the most costly places in Lagos mainland. It was constructed as a government residential area during the colonial period.

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An acre of land here goes for N100 million. You have to be stinkingly rich to be in this posh vicinity.

  • Gbagada

This area is known as one of the most lavish places in Lagos. This is because it is the heart of the city.  If you have the money, this is your spot.

  • Surulere

The administration of governor Fashola gave this part of Lagos a facelift and got attention and eyes on this part of the city. This commercial and residential area on the Lagos mainland is situated within Lagos Metro.

It is also a Nollywood production area and most entertainers duel or had lived here. This axis of Lagos is one of the most looked out areas of Lagos by the top-notch caliber of people. Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, high-end shopping centers and malls is the pride of Surulere.

It is a perfectly suited vicinity for young working-class professionals and social butterflies. Home to Nigeria’s national arts theatre which holds dance, international concerts, and plays. Its lower rent charges available in small apartments sets it apart from the island.

  • Ajah

This is another fast-developing area in Lagos. Its high rental fee makes it stand beyond Lekki. It is situated in the outskirt area of Lagos.

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Similarly, properties here are costly as properties in the center of the state. A self-contained apartment can be rented at a minimum of N350,000. An acre of land goes for roughly N60 million.

  • Ikoyi

This is home to some of Nigeria’s wealthiest residents and the most established foreign community in Lagos. It is characterized by five-star hotels, large residential buildings, and luxury apartments.

It also houses one of Nigeria’s most popular golf courses built during the colonial period.

Multinational corporations in the oil and gas sector rent or own properties here. You need between N13 to 15 million to rent a 3 bedroom apartment in this area.

  • Ogudu

Situated close to Ojota on one end. And Gbagada on the other. It has both a government residential area and a normal residential area. To rent a three-bedroom duplex costs about N1.5 million.

Meanwhile, a plot of land goes for N65 million.

You can stay or live in these Lagos highbrow areas if your bank accounts are not fat enough to bear the financial weight.

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