American Embassy Interview Questions For Nigerianss

Would you like to know some of the questions you might ask the U.S. embassy? Then you go through this article carefully. We’re going to introduce a couple of frequently asked questions at the U.S. embassy.

When you meet with the consul, you will have plenty of right answers to give.

Let us go, through some of those questions.

Sample Interview Questions For Non-Migrant USA Visa

In the procedure of obtaining a visa to travel to the United States, you’ll be required to attain an interview in-person either at the US embassy or capitulate in your home country.

But it depends on the kind of visa you’re asking for because not all U.S. visas require an interview.

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The interview is conducted to find out whether you may be eligible for the type of visa you are applying for or not.

Questions from the US Embassy to Nigerians

Below are a few questions that you may encounter each time you are invited to the Embassy of the United States for an interview regarding your trip to the United States.

Please note that you should have all your travel documents handy before you appear for the interview.

  • How Long Do You Think You Will Remain in the United States?

This question is asked to check the purpose of your visit as indicated on your visa.

You should therefore indicate the exact duration of your stay. Whether you are staying for a week, month, year, or as a Temporary Resident.

  • Why this Lengthy Stay?

This question will be asked if the visa is indicating your stay will be more than six months. If your reasons are unsatisfactory, the claim may be denied.

Then keep this in mind if you’re staying that long in the US.

  • What Makes You Travel to the United States?

Now you must state the purpose of your visit. Is this for tourism, medical care, business, or education? So you tell that interviewer.

Don’t be surprised if you are asked how you intend to fund your trip.

  • Is this Your First Time Traveling to the US, or Have You Been there Before?

That question needs to be answered honestly.

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Thus, if you have been in the United State then you tell the consular.

Even if you were previously expelled during your first stay for a reason or order, please indicate and likewise if you have never been to the United States.

  • Where Do You want to Stay in the States?

There are many places of residence in the U.S. You can book a hotel or spend time with a family member.

For hotels, you will be required to present your hotel reservation. But if you’re going to stick around with a friend or relative, you will ask to issue them your invitation letter and give some explanation of how you relate with them.

  • Is there any Relative or Friend in the United States?

If you have a relative or friend in the U.S., don’t hide it from the interviewer. If you are lying, it may create suspicions that may in turn affect your travel.

You will also be asked for certain information about them, such as an address, employment, and so on.

  • What is Your Current Revenue Stream and How Much Do you Make?

When you ask this question, tell the interviewer what you do to make a living and how long you have worked. You can also disclose your workplace and the amount you receive every month or year.

  • Do You Have a Family to Take Care Off?

If you have any, you will indicate who is going to take care of them while you are away.

The consulate will need you to tell the loved ones you’re leaving behind the person you request to take care of them as well as your relationship with the individual, for the sake of security.

  • What are You Going to Do When Your Visa Expires?

The consulate will be interested in your intentions when your visa expires.

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You must therefore convince the officer in charge that you will return even before the expiry of your mandate since you have no intention of staying permanently.

  • Prove to Us that You Will Come Back Once Your Visa has Expired

To go over this issue, give the interviewer the impression that you have every reason to return to your home country. For instance, you can tell them that you have a wife, children, or a girlfriend who will require your presence.

If you are not married or have a girlfriend, you can also tell them that you have properties and businesses to deal with.

  • What are You Going to Do if Your Visa is Refused?

This is an intentional question to verify your admissibility to the type of visa you are requesting. From that perspective, you should not be disappointed when you ask this question.

Try to persuade them of the importance of your journey.

  • Indicate Where You Intend to Study

This question is intended specifically for students wishing to study in the United States. You will have to provide them with your school’s name and location. If you intend to travel by local transportation, you may also inform the agent if you wish.

  • Did You Get the Application Form or Did You Get Some Body to Help You?

Did you or did you not? Regardless of the situation, it is expected that you will comply with the terms and conditions of your visa application.

Therefore, if you agree with those words, you state that clearly.

  • Did You Make a Flight Reservation?

Not until you finish the interview, you are not allowed to book a plane ticket regarding your trip or even arrange accommodation in the United States.

Based on the outcome of your interview, you will determine whether your visa will be approved or rejected.  You must therefore show intelligence in giving your response, so as not to spoil your plans.

Perhaps you could have other questions than the ones we just mentioned. But these are just a few common questions you will encounter when you reach an interview at the US embassy.

In case they ask you one of the above questions, you know the right answer to give.

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